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Who would have thought that those first news reports of a new virus would have us separated from people we love for so long. It’s been a long season for many, and I am sure it has been for many of you. As the season seems to be coming to an end and the virus appears to have come under control, we are excited about the recent news that will allow us to gather. So let me share some of the exciting news with you.

On June 13th, we will be celebrating our 80th anniversary as we reflect on God’s faithfulness. This will be the first time we will gather together as a church since the winter. We are excited about this time of celebrating. This service will be a Drive-In service which means we will be meeting in the parking lot in our cars. We will be using the driving port as our “stage.”  We will be having Rick Buck from FEB Central preaching for us along with Luke Cuthbert from Summerside who will be leading us in worshiping through music.  

As we gather, we will be following the Health Units policies:
>Those attending must remain in their vehicle.
>Only one household per vehicle.
> Two-meter distancing between vehicles.
>The building remains closed, except for reasonable access by those conducting the service or using the washroom.
>No materials can be exchanged between vehicles and/or between those conducting the service and vehicles (i.e. communion, offering).

Parking attendants will be present to direct you to your parking space. Please remember to bring your Bible so that you can follow along together in God’s Word. 

Starting On June 14th, Ontario will be entering into Stage 1. Stage 1 will allow us to gather together outside as a church family as we worship together. What we are asking is that you bring your own chair and shade, like an umbrella. We will have limited seating with shade for those who can’t bring any. We will continue to meet outside as long as we are in Stage 1. In Stage 2, we can gather at 15% capacity and will be having registrations.

We will continue to seek to live-stream our services, but there may not be times we can. If you are able, we really encourage you to come and worship together. If you have any questions, please let us know.