Our Guest Today are The Yingers Ken & Cathy Yinger who have been part of Knollwood in the past and are currently serving in Spain as one of the missionaries that we support. Ken will be sharing with us today and make sure you introduce yourself to them if you haven’t already met them.  

Mark Your Calendar...Next Sunday! The next members meeting has been scheduled for May 26th following the morning service and everyone whether you’re a member or not are very welcome to attend. Make sure you mark this in your calendar.  

No Class Tonight! Christianity Explored! What is the best news you’ve heard? We all get one life to live and deep down we are all asking the same questions—what’s it all about? Join with us for a 7 week class starting at 6 pm in the café as we look at who Jesus is, why did Jesus come and what does it mean for us. Sign up and bring a friend.  

Pastor Nathan is Away Pastor Nathan and Stephanie & family are away on a short holiday. Please keep them in your prayers as they will be traveling by air and that they will enjoy this time away. Pastor Nathan will be back in the office on May 22nd.  

New to Knollwood? Fill in one of the connection cards that is located in the pews and drop it in mailbox A4 or in the offering plate as it goes by during our offering. You can also visit our website at www.knollwood.ca/connect and take a look around on the site. Thanks for joining with us this morning today.  

Day of Prayer for Camp Word of Life Youth Camp is promoting ‘Day of Prayer for Camp’ on May 26th  which is promoted by Christian Camping International and would appreciate prayers as summer camps begins. For more information and to view a video, go to www.prayforcamp.ca and click the link to Why Summer Camp.  

Household Give Away June 15 will be the annual Household Give Away where you can bring in items you no longer need at home and repurpose it for someone else. Need more details     regarding this Give Away, talk to Wayne Amos.                

Another Bus Trip in the Planning So many of the folks who were on the previous bus trip enjoyed it so much that they are wanting another trip. So there is another one that is in the making for November 23, 2019 that will be going to the Victorian Playhouse in Petrolia for a ‘Christmas Musical’. Cost will include theatre tickets and a meal but more details will follow as the date draws near. Tickets are already going fast. See Ann Chapman if you have questions. This is not just for our seniors but for anyone who would like to be part of this adventure.  

To Give Away Anyone who is interested in a coupon for $250 towards a week at Camp Cherith, please talk to Lisa Lapp. She won it as a prize and will not be able to use it.  

Membership Class Have you ever considered church membership and wonder what it’s all about? Now is the time to attend a few classes on membership. Classes will begin May 23rd & 30th here at the church beginning at 7 pm. Register online www.knollwood.ca/membership if you are interested in attending.  

Membership Applicants The deacons recently interviewed David & Hailey Freele, Joel & Whitnie Davis and Peter Plowright who have applied for church membership and have successfully    completed the course on membership. Any questions that you have regarding the applicants, please speak to one of the deacons. If you are unsure as to who our deacons are, a list of our deacons board is located in your 2019 church directory.  

Download this App Here’s an app you can download on your iPhone or Android called Church Center. With this app you can keep your church  profile up to date, register for any of our church classes (membership, baptism class) or even donate online.  

Items on the Coatrack Shelves There are several items that have been left on the shelves for some time now above the coatracks. If there is some thing of yours, please make sure that you claim it. Anything that is not claimed in the next few weeks will be thrown out.  

Leaving a Legacy Compass Community Church is hosting a workshop with Gord Baptist of the      Fellowship Foundation to inform our people about ‘leaving a legacy’ through their estate planning including the planning of a will. This workshop will be held on May 26 at 7 pm.