Members’ Meeting May 24, 2020

Note from the Chairman of the Deacon’s Board  

It is our hope and prayers that you are doing well in the midst of this unprecedented lockdown of businesses, social gatherings and most important to us, religious gatherings. In talking with members of our congregation, the most underlining theme is the absence of human, face to face interaction that we as a congregation got to enjoy every Sunday as we met together. Some wise person once said,” You don’t know what you’ve got until you don’t have it any more”, which basically sums up not meeting for coffee and after church chats that we so thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope that each one of you have now have had a call (or multiple calls) or an email from a Deacon just to check up on you and offer our assistance to meet the needs you may have and to receive any specific prayer requests that you want us to pray for. If you have not received any contact from a Deacon, please contact me directly at 519-457-6875 or email me at [email protected] and I will make sure that your name is added to one of our deacon’s care list.

Throughout the lockdown, your Pastors and Deacons have been meeting for their regular scheduled meetings as well as getting together (remotely) at least once every two weeks to keep in touch and to pray for the Church and the ongoing situation. We are also now meeting to come up with a plan of how to safely start meeting together as a congregation once some of the restrictions are taken down regarding religious gatherings. We do realize that there will be some apprehension about coming together but please be assured that we will follow the recommendations given by our government and health officials before opening up our facilities. We also realize that “Church” may not look like “Church” for the foreseeable future but our goal will be to do as the Lord has commanded that we meet as a body of believers regularly and in person. Please pray for wisdom for your leaders as we try to come up with a workable solution.

I would like to express a special thank you to Pastor Nathan and Pastor Matt for the additional effort and their tech savvy that has enabled us to enjoy church services and prayer meetings on line since day one of the lockdown. Also my thanks go out to Beth Knight for maintaining the bulletin, the prayer chain and the other special tasks that she has taken on during this time and to Kevin Knight for making sure that we have the opportunities to continue to support the Church financially.

Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow.

Keith Albion


Lead Pastor Report

2020 has been a year to remember. Throughout social media, there have been different types of pictures that have said something like, "2020 is a write-off." I think it is easy to come along and say something like that. Who really could blame someone who chooses to believe or say that? Pastorally, it can feel frustrating. I have told myself a few times, "I feel like we were starting to get into a good rhythm, why God are you doing this? Why now?" But, this attitude often reflects an attitude that is counter to who God is.

Even as we began this year, I was excited to see God working among you. We had baptisms and bringing in new members. Also, as I write this, I look forward to when we can gather together again to have another baptism service. Even during a pandemic, I have been excited to hear how God has been working in and among you as you seek to be faithful disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. Many of you are calling each other and praying with each other. Many are writing notes of encouragement. Some are using this time as an opportunity to share the hope that you have in Christ. Even during a pandemic, it excites me to hear of how God is using each one of you.

Even with all of this, it has been a long year, and I don't think it will be any easier any time soon. That's why it's going to be even more important to pick up the phone, write letters, emails, or text messages, and talk with those inside and outside of our usual circles. Doing this is going to be important as we need to remind each other daily about who we are in Christ.

I continue to marvel even more as we celebrate, in June, 79 years of God using Knollwood. It's exciting to reflect on the many years of God's faithfulness as we seek to be faithful disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. As we are continuing to face many of the unknowns of a worldwide pandemic, we increasingly see the need for technology and the need to improve ours. We see this as a need as we seek to feed the sheep through the Word of God, especially those who are unable to be part of the gathering. Would you consider giving to those needs if you think of how to celebrate God's faithfulness to us over 79 years?

I long to see each one of you again. Please pray for the deacons and pastors as we seek God's wisdom in when and how we can do that again. Please be praying for those in our church who are alone, sick, discouraged. Pray for our parents as they try to balance working and having children at home. Pray for our church, that we would seek to be faithful disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. Let’s pray that through our faithful witness, God would call people to himself.  Let us pray that God would revive his church, this city, and this nation through all of this. Let’s pray that we would be a people of prayer.  Even with all of these requests, let us not forget the hope we have in Jesus Christ and let that bring us to praise our awesome God. We see an example of this in Acts 12:15, the church prayed fervently in the middle of persecution, threat, and suffering, and God works beyond even what they can ask or imagine.

The big idea that we need to look at from Acts 12 is that nothing can stop God when he has in mind to accomplish his design for the church. The Word of God is imperishable. In this world that is perishable, our world is full of uncertainty. The virus has just made that more evident to us, we are faced with the realities of we can't gather as the church, we don't know for how long we will be apart, we miss being together as the church, some of us have lost our jobs, some of us are walking through a major sickness, or even facing death. If you are like me, you might have a bit of worry in there too as you are facing uncertainty. I need this reminder as much as you do, that the gates of hell will not prevail against the purpose of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 16:16-18). God's church grew, as Luke says, she "multiplied" in times of peace like we see in chapter 9 and in war: "But the word of God increased and multiplied."

As we are in these uncertain times, we need to trust our God, who is unstoppable in accomplishing what he has in mind to accomplish. We need to remind each other by using God’s Word why we can trust him. None of what we see around him is a surprise, he has decreed it all. Nothing is outside of his control because he is sovereign. And just as God accomplished his will to grow his church both in peace and war, God will accomplish what he wills in the circumstances that we find ourselves in today. Let us rest in him this morning.

One commentary on Acts 12 said it so well: "There is no way of stopping the fire that God implants in the lives of his people once it is kindled. The Holy Spirit employs the trials and difficulties that his people experience to drive them even further along the pathway of living exclusively for Jesus Christ. Taunts and mockery only sharpen the resolve."  As we continue to walk through 2020, let's continue to pray for fervently.

Pastor Nathan Klahsen


Associate Pastor Update


I have been doing pre recordings for the Sunday Worship Service and we have found ways to get the members of the team to participate through individual recordings. This process is tedious and difficult to edit but it’s awesome to be able to still sing and play and worship God “together” while we are apart. 

Seeking to continue to get the music team involved in different ways and even through other means of the service, continue to pray for the team and new creative ways to do our recorded service, that God would be glorified and worship as He calls us to by His Word.


I am doing about an hour online youth program on Instagram live that involves some fun and interaction with the youth and time spent in God’s Word and prayer and sharing the Gospel    I’ve been able to connect with several of the youth through other media like instagram messages, PS4 and Zoom calls   We are continuing with our Salt and Light discipleship class on Sunday’s after the service through Zoom call.   Be praying for the youth and their families as they continue to do school at home, that God would use this to call them to himself through faith in Christ as we share the good news of Christ with them.

Children’s Ministry:  

Our leaders have been doing an amazing job teaching the lesson through our Gospel project curriculum by video in our recorded service.    We were able to do a zoom call with some of the kids to check in and share from God’s Word and pray. Continue to pray for the kids and families as they do school, for patience and that God would continue to work in these young hearts.

Summer Soccer Clinic:

Due to the pandemic, we have made the unfortunate decision to cancel our summer soccer clinic. Be praying as we plan for next year and continue  to seek to reach the community around our church with the hope of Christ in sharing the Gospel and showing God’s love practically through good works of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Matt Freele


Financial Update

•       Givings continue to be strong

          –       Only 15% below budget year to date

•        Canada Employee Wage Subsidy

          –       Eligible for a subsidy equal to 75% of salaries

•        Additional Government Funding available

          –      if needed as a $40,000 Interest Free loan

•        Continue to monitor financial situation weekly

Kevin Knight, Treasurer