Nathan Klahsen
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It’s hard to believe that it’s only one week until I begin my return journey to Papua New Guinea (PNG)! I say “begin,” because the whole process of getting from here to there will take a few days: five separate flights comprising 26 hours of actual flying time; 24 hours of layover time in Brisbane; and eight hours of layover time in airports. I would like to ask for your prayers especially for this trip. My back has been doing very well lately; out of the past 25 days, 19 have been pain-free! However, last week I had to drive to St. Catharines and Toronto, and after just a couple of hours in the car, I was in quite a lot of pain. I can only imagine what my longest flight (13 hours) will be like. I went online to look at my seat selections and possibly upgrade to the lying down kind of seats; but the aircraft that I’m travelling on doesn’t have that kind of seat. However, for the longest flights I managed to find some seats that had two empty ones next to them. Would you please pray that no one else will book those empty seats, so that I will be able to lie down, especially on that one very long flight? And pray for lack of further damage to the muscles and disks in my lower back, both on the trip and once I arrive in PNG, and continue to pray for healing for my back. I believe these prayers are being answered! Thank you so much; I can never express how much your prayers mean to me!