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Note: Prospective members are personally interviewed by our pastors and deacons after completing our membership class

Andy Robinson

Hey y’all! I’m Andy, I’m 24 years old and it’s about time you got to know me! I was born in St. Thomas but my earliest memories start when we were living in Melbourne (the one in Canada, I wish I’d lived in Australia). Growing up I was the typical ‘Daddy’s little girl’; unfortunately, that position caused my relationship with my sisters to suffer. Until the last few years I didn’t have a real relationship with my sisters, which meant I spent a lot of time playing on my own as a kid. I spent most of that alone time reading and making up stories, which is probably why I love to write, and also playing with our pets, spurring on my love for animals. When I look back on my childhood now, I recognise that it was a rather unstable environment. Until my parents got divorced we never lived in the same house or went to the same school for more than three years. They would send us to day camps and kids groups to get us out of the house often so that they could move my dad out the many times they separated. At that age I didn’t understand what was going on, when we would visit dad at the motel I figured he was living away for work reasons like they did in movies. By the time I was 11 we had moved at least 8 different times, I had been to 3 different schools, and had made two life long friends. After years of separating and getting back together my parents finally made the decision to get a divorce. Shortly after that announcement a friend invited me to go to church with her. I started attending church regularly and eventually got my mom and sisters going with me. It was less than a year later when I asked Christ into my heart and into my life. Over the next few years I switched churches twice finding my ‘home’ at the Aylmer Evangelical Missionary Church. I really started to see God’s love in the people around me and the gifts he granted each and every person with. I got involved with their Youth Group, first as a youth and then as a Leader for the Junior Youth. I found a passion for learning about God and sharing him with others. The more I learned about God the more I learned about what He wanted from me and my need for a Saviour because of my sin; I got baptized when I was 19 publicly professing my commitment to God and asking my friends and loved ones to support me in my journey. After my parents got divorced I still remained close with my dad, seeing him every week. However, as I got older I stopped seeing him through the rose coloured glasses of a child. I started to recognise the unhealthy influence he had become in my life. I started spending less time with him but refused to abandon the relationship altogether because he was still my dad. I tried to remain ignorant of what was going on but that didn’t last. He had many girlfriends over the years that were addicts and sex workers; there were sharps binds around his house, he would give their friends rides with me in the car and these friends would make their ‘business calls’ while sitting right next to me. He also sold drugs and would often do so with me around. There were times when I didn’t feel safe around the company he kept but I never felt unsafe around HIM until the day I got the text saying he had been arrested for murder. One year before his arrest, his girlfriend (the first one I had actually liked) had ‘gone missing’, three months later she was found dead. After that, I struggled with my own identity. A lot of who I was had been shaped by my relationship with my dad and now I wanted nothing to do with him and the things he had taught me. I went through the motions of life but no longer felt able to connect to things like church, work, and school the way I used to. Thanks to the people God has put in my life I have been able to begin leaving my darkness behind me and live in the light of God again. I have been able to build loving relationships with my sisters, be open to new possibilities, and begin taking care of myself mentally, emotionally and physically. In the last year, I have made Knollwood my ‘home’, and I have enjoyed the community and comradery of Friday night volleyball. In more recent months I have joined the kitchen crew and rediscovered my passion for serving. I have also been going through the prosses of joining the praise team so that I can share my love of worshipping God with others. I still struggle with some of the fallout from my unstable childhood but have learned to lean on God for the strength to make it through. And now I wish to take the next step in my journey by becoming a member of Knollwood Baptist Church. I want to be a part of this churches’ future and to help it grow; knowing that I will be accountable to the church and its members and them to me.

Martin Fisher

I grew up in a home where the truths of God were not taught. I was a very broken person by the time I reached adulthood and began to look back at my selfishness and self-centeredness when I walked through the doors of A.A. at the age of 33 admitting I was an alcoholic. The ‘God of my understanding’ worked for me for the first ten years, however, I became increasingly aware of the fact that I was seeking more. It was in March of 1993, while in a very dark time of my life that I was introduced to Jesus. I accepted Him into my heart with open arms and it has been an exciting journey ever since. My favourite scripture is John 15: 1-2 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” 

Marri Fisher

I grew up in a Godly home as a family, we had prayed and devotions each day. I gave my heart to the Lord at the age of 10 at Bertie Church. I was involved in youth programs at the church and also sang with two of my sisters. At the age of 18, I went to the big city of London and there I attended Faith Tabernacle and I was baptized.